On the occasion of the first edition of the show Watches and Wonder, is held in Hong Kong last week, Vacheron Constantin presented contemporary Patrimony ultra-flat calibre 1731. A faithful to design exceptional timepieces purified from this indispensable collection which houses here in its 41 mm rose gold case a mechanical Marvel: 'home' ultra-slim 1731 to ringtone size. Movement, the prestigious hallmark of Geneva, for a masterpiece of virtuosity that looks stamped as "the caliber and the Repeater watch minutes the flatter market, with respectively 3.90 mm and 8.09 finesse mm!»

It is in the 18th century that the first minute repeater was designed to indicate the time in a sound way in the dark, at a time where electricity did not yet exist to provide lighting. If this complication is no longer a pressing need, it remains listed in the firmament of watchmaking art!

Because each Repeater watch minutes is unique and carries in it the signature of the master who performed. Each lives its own life and plays his own music. On request, the minute repeater chimes the hours, quarters of an hour and minutes. Thus, after having powered the ringtone lock - here the single visible item dial of this complication major - side, a hammer comes knocking stamp serious to sound the hours, while the quarterfinals are played by two hammers on two stamps - one serious, the other acute-, and that the minutes sound on the acute stamp.

The Vacheron Constantin manufacture has directed his first rehearsal minutes on a Pocket Watch in 1810, before coupling mechanisms to Bell at other major complications throughout the decades that followed, each time creating timepieces among the most complicated of their era.

Watches today, entries in the history, like those designed for the King Fouad in Egypt in 1929, or was done in 1935 for his son, King Farouk, to mention but a few. In 1941, Vacheron Constantin launches its first wristwatch with for only complication of a repetition minutes in a slim movement: calibre 4261. The quest for the extraplat continues then over the years, and in 1992, the manufacture defies once again the field of possibilities with the caliber 1755, a movement repeatedly minutes displaying only 3.28 mm thickness: from ever seen!

Today, Vacheron Constantin celebrates this complication emotional with a whole new caliber inspired by his illustrious predecessors: 1731, named in tribute to the year of birth of Jean-Marc Vacheron, the founder of the brand.

RADO continues the development of its Hyperchromic line with the arrival of a beautiful version 42 mm one-piece ceramic (waterproof 100 meters) with a mechanical automatic calibre "UTC". "UTC"? Yes, for "Universal Coordinated Time", a function that can display two time zones on a single dial, and which makes this watch a charming travel companion...

Nowadays, virtually all brands offer a watch to a dual time zone display. Normal, this function born in the 1950s, has become more and more useful with the development of air transport... Today, the world is more and more "small". People travel for business or pleasure. Jump from one continent to another. But what the 21st century traveller there really need when he takes his plane? A suitcase lightweight and robust, his computer, his kit of toiletries, clothes but also a reliable, discreet and precise watch.

The new Rado HyperChrome UTC meets these three conditions; It allows for more display two time zones simultaneously as well as the date (must-have feature in travel). Recall that the acronym "UTC" means Universal Coordinated Time. It is rare that Rado offers this option, is in fact not that found on the multifunction models and a watch from the 1960s...

The Rado HyperChrome UTC is equipped with a case (42 mm / waterproof 100 meters) ceramic high-tech one-piece, light and resistant, hypoallergenic, virtually scratchproof. Four models are marketed, including one on leather strap. The other three being full ceramics.

Thanks to the Superluminova coating placed on the markers and hands, this watch remains perfectly legible (practical in long air journeys by night) night. The needle of the second time zone is equipped with a red or blue point (depending on the version), clearly visible in order to facilitate the reading and read at a single glance the time in two time zones.

Raidillon, a name that reasoning to the ears of such driving crazy the whirring V12 of a mechanical Monster. Indeed, this name, «Raidillon», designates one of the famous bends of the formula 1 circuit of Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium; mythical trace for aficionados of thrills. As also pointed out by the famous German racing driver Michael Schumacher: this shift "provides indescribable sensations. Whose act. And it is this famous turn that Bernard Julémont to create its own brand of watches in 2001 under the name of Raidillon is want.

While only 55 cars may take the start of the races at Spa-Francorchamps, each model designed by the Belgian brand is therefore limited to this number. This timepiece three hands/date displays a particularly original black dial, alternating the Arabic numerals with indices in triangle. Note the '55' red instead of the usual '11', which reminds that this watch is published in 55 copies. The sporting side is reinforced here by the Red second hand.

This slope features a 42 mm 316 L steel case (Crown / waterproof 100 meters). The oscillating weight is clearly visible through the bottom of box with a Sapphire. This model is equipped with an ecological calfskin strap anti-allergy (processing without chrome), stitched hand in Belgium. Buckle with engraved logo Raidillon. "Last but not least, Raidillon Watches are warranted for 5 years. Discover so in XP jeweller, in 9 of the picturesque little rue du Marché Saint-Honoré in the 1st arrondissement.

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